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Congrats to our CEO, Catherine Grant: “The Face of Entrepreneurship”

Savannah’s coveted South Magazine composes a special edition every five years to highlight some of the south’s most trusted, ambitious, and talented leaders. This publication is described as,”A bold declaration of the richness of the South, of the majestic talents, relentless ambition and singular vision that reside just behind each face you pass in your […]

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My COVID-19 Memories: A TimeCapsule Workbook

Attention Parents & Teachers! “Stay-at-Home” Learning has provided so many unique memories for each of us, as families, and we want to help you document them! ExperCARE has created the perfect activity for you and your kids this week! We’ve created an interactive COVID-19 Kids Memory Book! Download, and print! It’s super-easy, kid-friendly and FUN! […]

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Access to Award-Winning Care During COVID-19 Pandemic

WTOC goes behind the scenes with us to show how we’re continuing to provide award-winning access to care for anyone in need, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you WTOC for your coverage! Check out the full story here:  https://www.wtoc.com/2020/04/02/urgent-care-facilities-changing-procedures-still-aim-help-patients-quickly/ “One of the things that we’ve done well is responding to, how do we take care […]

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No Tricks, All Treats: ExperCARE Safety Reminders for Halloween Night!

Trick or Treat! It’s almost time to bring out the spooky spirit in all of us. Halloween is right around the corner and ExperCARE wants to help you prepare! Here are some important safety reminders to keep you and your kids safe, and not spooked, during our favorite haunted holiday:  Costume Check Whether you decide […]

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Preparing for the Unpredictable Flu: The Time is Now

A sudden sense of symptoms that no one wants to feel: fever, aches, chills, and fatigue. These are all defining symptoms of the dreaded flu. Seasonal influenza is just around the corner, which means the time to prepare is now, especially since it’s expected to be a highly active flu season. “Flu is unpredictable but […]

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Walk This Way, Talk This Way

How Walking Improves Your Overall Health A walk a day keeps the doctor away! We know that’s not how the old saying goes, but walking is one of the best ways to improve and maintain your overall health. The temps are starting to drop (just a little), which means the gorgeous, crisp fall air is […]

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Keeping Your Child Healthy During the Back to School Rush

5 Tips from ExperCARE Ready or not… here it comes! A fun, hot summer has come to a close and it’s time for back to school. Back to school means early mornings, a daily routine, hours of classes, and a chance for kids to learn, grow, and become more independent. But school can also translate […]