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ExperCARE is your go-to source for preventative healthcare, offering $30 sports and camp physicals through May to ensure your child is ready for summer fun.

At ExperCARE Urgent Care, we understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with preparing for summer camps and sports. That’s why we offer comprehensive and convenient camp and sports physicals at all of our locations. These physicals are designed to ensure that your child or teen is medically cleared and safe to participate in all the fun summer activities. With a focus on thorough medical assessments, including vitals, vision, joint health, and flexibility, our dedicated team provides quick and efficient exams at an affordable rate. Let ExperCARE help your family kick off a safe and enjoyable summer!

We’re here to accommodate your schedule, offering services 7 days a week, across our 7 locations. For your convenience, we welcome both walk-ins and appointments, including after-hours services, ensuring that you can get the care you need when it fits best into your busy life. Trust ExperCARE to be your partner in health, helping your family dive into summer with confidence.

What are Sports and Camp physicals and what do they include?

Why a Camp or Sports Physical

Many summer and team sports camps mandate a physical exam before allowing participation. These exams are typically quick, encompassing a review of the patient’s medical history and a fundamental physical examination. Crucially, camp and sports physicals are designed to ensure that children and athletes can engage in athletic and summer activities in a safe manner.

Basic Physical Exam

During this part of the physical, the healthcare provider will check your child’s blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate to ensure they are within normal ranges.

Basic Vision Test

A basic vision test will be conducted to assess your child’s ability to see clearly and detect any issues that might affect their performance in sports or activities.

Head. Shoulders, Knees and Toes

The provider will examine the health and function of major joints (like knees, elbows, and shoulders) to check for any signs of injury or conditions that could be aggravated by physical activity.

Range of Motion & Flexibility

Flexibility tests help determine the range of motion and muscle health, which are crucial for both safety and performance in sports and physical activities.

Medical History Review

This involves reviewing the child’s past medical records and family medical history to identify any existing conditions or predispositions that could influence their participation in camp or sports.

Medical Assessment

The final assessment includes a comprehensive check-up to ensure the child is medically fit to participate in physical activities, addressing any concerns that might have been noted in the previous sections.

$30.00 Sports and Camp Physicals

What ExperCARE has to Offer:

Quick and Comprehensive Exams

Our same-day physicals include a thorough review of your medical history and a basic physical exam to ensure that all participants can safely enjoy their summer activities.

Affordable Care

We provide these essential services at a special spring rate of only $30, making it easier for families to meet the requirements for summer fun.

7 Convenient Locations

With seven locations, finding an ExperCARE facility near you is simple. We’re here to help you get ready for summer without delay.


When it comes to medical care, routine or urgent, you want the comfort of a familiar face, a warm smile and the convenience of being seen the same day, after hours, or weekends. ExperCARE is locally owned and operated and employs the very best team in the industry. Our commitment to you is something we take to heart, ensuring we provide the very best experience for you and your loved ones.  The synergy of expertise, compassion, and convenience are why our customers continue to recommend and return for their healthcare and peace of mind. We welcome the opportunity to exceed your expectations while providing access to the very best healthcare experience in the region when you need it.

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ExperCARE offers comprehensive care across its locations, including Richmond Hill, Pooler, Statesboro, Rincon – NOW OPEN, Hinesville, two locations in Savannah, one in Savannah on Mall Blvd and the other in the Savannah Historic District Downtown. Each location ensures consistent, high-quality healthcare services.

ExperCARE is dedicated to making healthcare convenient and accessible, on our patients schedule, ensuring residents in rural areas like Pembroke, Glennville, Clayton, Ludowici, Cooperville, Riceboro, Midway, and Hardeeville are within a 25-minute drive to an ExperCARE Urgent Care location. With our newest location, Rincon,we have further enhance accessibility for communities such as Springfield, Clyo, and Guyton. This growth reflects our commitment to accessible healthcare and underscores our mission to be where our patients need us most, embodying the concept of reimagining healthcare.