Our Team

J. David Carson, MD

Director of Occupational Medicine

More than 42 years of medical experience combined with a lifetime of memories in his native-Savannah home make David uniquely qualified to join the team at ExperCARE. Carson graduated from The Medical College of Georgia and completed his General Surgery residency program at Emory University Affiliated Hospitals in Atlanta, Georgia.
Afterward, he spent more than 22 years in emergency medicine, becoming the Medical Director of DeKalb County’s Emergency Medical Services and later the Medical Director of Memorial Medical Center. Dr. Carson transitioned into the field of Occupational Medicine, and after 18 years, he was named Director of Occupational Medicine and Associate Medical Director of ExperCARE.

Personal Summary:

David and his wife of 40 years, Debbie, live in Savannah along with their two children and two grandchildren. David still remains close friends with neighbors and classmates from his childhood. “Savannah is home to me and always will be.”

“In 1879, my great-grandfather, John A. G. Carson, started Carson Naval Stores, a turpentine manufacturing business in Savannah; my father was born and raised in Savannah; I was born in Savannah, grew up here, and I’ve raised my family here,” stated Dr. Carson. “Savannah is home to me and always will be.”