A Sustainable You!

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As the new year comes around so too do the resolutions, “the new year, new me” mentality, and folks flooding in to get gym memberships. Now that a were are well into the new year of 2020, many of us realize it’s not so simple to stick…

‘Tis the Season to be Healthy

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5 tips to keep you healthy during the holidays It’s the most wonderful time of the year! During the holiday season, we cherish time with our family and friends, eat lots of yummy food, and get some time to unwind and relax. It is certainly…

No Tricks, All Treats: ExperCARE Safety Reminders for Halloween Night!

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Trick or Treat! It’s almost time to bring out the spooky spirit in all of us. Halloween is right around the corner and ExperCARE wants to help you prepare! Here are some important safety reminders to keep you and your kids safe, and not spooked,…

Preparing for the Unpredictable Flu: The Time is Now

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A sudden sense of symptoms that no one wants to feel: fever, aches, chills, and fatigue. These are all defining symptoms of the dreaded flu. Seasonal influenza is just around the corner, which means the time to prepare is now, especially since…

Walk This Way, Talk This Way

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How Walking Improves Your Overall Health A walk a day keeps the doctor away! We know that’s not how the old saying goes, but walking is one of the best ways to improve and maintain your overall health. The temps are starting to drop (just…

Keeping Your Child Healthy During the Back to School Rush

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5 Tips from ExperCARE Ready or not… here it comes! A fun, hot summer has come to a close and it’s time for back to school. Back to school means early mornings, a daily routine, hours of classes, and a chance for kids to learn, grow, and…

Concussion or Just a Bump on the Noggin?

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The brain injury warning signs every parent should know.

The 5 Easiest Ways to Avoid Contagious Colds, Flus and Bugs

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There are many things you can do to help keep the germs that cause colds, flus and other bugs at bay. Here are 5 of the easiest and most effective.

What’s the Difference Between Colds and Flus?

A little information can help you get on the road to feeling better.

Staying Safe in a Power Outage

Storms frequently cause power outages which brings a whole host of concerns. Make sure your health isn't one of them.

The Flu: What You Need To Know

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Media outlets are reporting the worst flu season in a decade and rising fatalities from flu-related complications. Here's to protect yourself, your family and your community.

Debunking Flu Vaccine Myths

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It is that time of year again! Many people skip getting the flu vaccine because they have gotten incorrect information. Because of this, I’m going to beak down three popular myths for you. Myth #1 – “The Flu Vaccine will make me sick” Not true. The flu vaccine is not a live virus. It is dead…

Surviving “The Stomach Bug:” What You Need To Know

It’s BAAAAAACCKKK!!! Nothing conjures up feelings of fear, dread and empathy like hearing that the stomach bug is going around! If you live in Richmond Hill, Bryan County, or anywhere in the greater Savannah, GA area, it is a pretty good bet that you know someone who has recently…

Now Hiring: Experienced Bookkeeper and Administrative Assistant

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Qualified applicants should have extensive knowledge and experience utilizing QuickBooks, experience related to medical practice is a plus. Experience assisting with administrative tasks, including effectively utilizing Microsoft Excel and Word is required. Candidates should have a can-do attitude, be self-starters and resourceful. Solution-minded approach to day to day challenges is required. Interested, qualified applicants should send their…

Should I get a flu shot?

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Should I get a flu shot? Why should I get a flu shot? Influenza, or “the flu”, is a serious disease that can lead to hospitalization and sometimes even death. Every flu season is different, and influenza infection can affect people differently. Even healthy people can get very sick from the flu and spread it to others.

Reflecting on Matthew

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We are so proud of ALL of our ExperCARE team members, including the one who authored the following post on social media just before going into work as part of the Hurricane A team in the NICU at a local hospital. She is an amazing RN with a heart filled with compassion for others and wisdom beyond her years.

ExperCare Urgent Care Celebrates New Medical Office at Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Event

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ExperCare Urgent Care, a locally-owned and operated urgent care center, hosted a grand opening and ribbon cutting event on Thursday, March 3, 2016 to celebrate the company’s new office location in Savannah. The new ExperCare Urgent Care in Savannah is conveniently located in the Kroger Shopping…

ExperCare in Savannah is NOW OPEN!

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ExperCare Urgent Care, a locally-owned and operated urgent care founded in Richmond Hill in 2009 is opening its next location in January in Savannah, offering urgent care, occupational medicine and a full range of health services.

ExperCare: The Only Change is Our Name

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The Urgent Care Center of Richmond Hill is excited to announce its new name—ExperCare Urgent Care— while continuing its commitment to excellence, providing unparalleled care and customer service, and remaining under the same local ownership.

It All Started with a Dance

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“Still Alice” is a book that tells the story of a woman with early onset Alzheimer’s. My good friend and business partner, Catherine Grant, first told me about this book, as she read it to prepare herself for her role in the dancing competition “Dancing Stars of Coastal Georgia”, which was held a few weeks ago.

Mom is Packing

We have stalled her nearly a year, and about once a month she decides she is ready to go home. She is homesick.

"Mom, is Something Wrong with Grandma?"

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I’ll never forget the afternoon my daughter called to ask me this question.

Staying Healthy During the Worst Flu Season in Years

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Flu season is here yet again and with one of the worst outbreaks Georgia has seen in years. How bad is it? Here’s a Google Map that estimates how bad the flu season is across the country based upon aggregated Google search data.